Kaleidoscope feedback

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I’ve been playing around a bit with doing video feedback through a kaleidoscope shader.

In these images, the ‘seed’ that is fed into the feedback is simply the plain black or white background of the window.  There is a single rectangle rendered with the output of the previous frame as a texture, which is fed through a GLSL shader which inverts colour and applies a kaleidoscope effect, resulting in rich chaotic imagery.

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  1. […] Peter. All rights reserved. Fractaleid for iPad 13 Sep ’13 I’ve released an app based on my earlier experiments with kaleidoscope video feedback. I’m rather proud, an early user review heralds it as “Best eye candy on the ipad! […]

  2. Michael Klaus Schmidt
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    Looks very cool! Is the software used to make these your design?

    • Peter

      Thanks Michael, just noticed your comment.

      Yes, the software is my own design. The version I used to make the images in this post was a patch in pd, since then I made an iPad version which is on the app store as Fractaleid… I also made an Android version which I still haven’t got ’round to releasing, as well as HTML5… I tend to come back to this as a nice simple thing to build in any given environment I want to try. Come to think of it, there’s a version written in Processing too hidden away in a github repository https://github.com/xinaesthete/Processing-Workshop-Examples as FeedBack (that version has a fairly crude UI and would take some tweaks to output images like above, also could do with some other features to make it nicer). Feel free to check it out and give me a shout if you have any questions – although please don’t be too offended if I don’t get around to replying swiftly 🙂

      I also made a Google Cardboard VR version of something similar which was exhibited a while ago (and even on BBC Click for about two seconds) but I still haven’t documented here… I should really release that… and update my site… sometime…

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