Surreal Strings

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A little improvisation with a synth I made in Reaktor.

The synthesis is “cascaded waveguide”, excited by an audio recording and controlled by midi keyboard.  As such it has some acoustic-ish dynamics, twisted in a way that wouldn’t be physically possible and imbued with some intuitive chance elements, particularly in how the input sound articulates whatever is being played on the keyboard.

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  1. pete
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    Nice to see you posting more…
    Fancy helping me out with something? I’m trying to get some sound together to make a finished version of this: Visible ink but failing because it relies on audio composition, something I’m not great at. Only needs to be about 4 minutes and to progress from floaty to staccato (even rhythmic). I want to improvise the video to a piece of audio slowed down then speed it all back up, thought the aesthetic of some of your recent posts might work really nicely.

  2. pete
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    haha, just realised you haven’t been posting more it’s just that your rss just spat out all the older posts…

  3. Peter
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    No, I have been posting more… but a lot of it is old stuff so I’m putting dates on it that are closer to when the actual work was done. There’ll be some more bits posted in gaps in the middle… I’m trying to think about how to best arrange wordpress to present more stuff with a similar-ish style (and hopefully without spending too long coding wordpress themes / plugins)… so I actually even demoted one post to a draft temporarily just so this one would still be on the homepage. There’s more stuff in drafts as well as quite a bit more stuff on my harddisk, and stuff that I could capture video of etc…

    Composition’s never been my strong point either, ‘though it sounds like an enjoyable thing to work on. I am quite busy but also feeling pretty super energised so I might try and do something 🙂

    Your visual material is really nice. I could imagine having a lot of fun with it…

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